Bucket of cheese was founded by Federica Meli in 2020.

I've been living in Ireland for the past 20 years, originally from Italy, food is like a religion for all my family.

Since I was a little one, I remember cooking for hours with my Mum and Granny. Grating cheese was one of my favourite part. you can imagine why!

Most of it, ended up in my belly!!

Food is love and brings people together. Nothing better than a table full of food surrounded with  family and friends.

I've been working in hospitality for 20 years now, it's about time that i start my own business.


we are obsessed with cheese, cured meats and all the goodness that goes with it .

We freshly make our hummus and chutney. if it is in season, we use are delicious ingredient growing in our garden.

Our charcuterie board/box are perfect for any occasion. Bar and restaurant, corporation ,hens and stags, baby shower etc...and of course...for a simple gathering with friends or family.

we supporting any local farmer or business, especially during this hard time...let's stay together.

The last but not least, Bucket of cheese is a BIG supporter of eco-friendly disposable and compostable papers. All our package is sustainable, including our stickers!

Reducing carbon footprint will lower the amount of waste you send to the landfill. it's about time we start working with our planet